Hello human.

I’m Nim.

My curiosity has been marinating on this question -

Why in Western Cultures do we not elevate and celebrate the wisdom of our Elders? 

One powerful cold call email, an eight-year research project across 64 countries with hundreds of interviews later…..


A storytelling project that celebrates the wisdom of ‘Modern Elders’. We are co-creating the world’s largest living library of lived life experiences. 100% anonymous. 100% humanity-packed. 

Soothe your social media fatigue - there is a brave new land on the internet that is traversing new human territory. How? 

Human Stories + Sharing = Connection

Our personal stories are a powerful connective tissue to bring us together.

RE-TURN ON WISDOM is a call to service. 

To share and care for the wisdom within - passing it down to current and future generations.

To journey together into life’s invaluable lessons, shared by those who have traversed its many paths.

It’s time to get our humanity back through sharing our lived life experiences.

How does it work? How can I get involved?

Are you ready to be a part of something extraordinary? 


Fast, fun, free & 100% anonymous. 

Your unique journey can inspire others on their paths.

Your contribution is a valuable addition to our growing library. 

Your stories matter.

The best gift we can give other humans are the lessons we have learnt in our lives through our stories and lived life experiences 

Together, we’re building the world’s largest living library of Modern Elder Wisdom -  welcome to RE-TURN ON WISDOM. 

Alone, you have experiences. Together, we gain wisdom.

Who is the human heart behind RE-TURN ON WISDOM?

You and me baby. Us. Together is better. All in. Let’s go, all are welcome. 

I'm Nim - an Intergenerational Connection Expert, dedicated to bridging the gap between age groups and uncovering the untapped treasures of Modern Elder wisdom. My journey began as the youngest direct report to a seventy-year-old Global CEO of a $16B company, an experience that forever altered my life perspectives. From Intrapreneur to Social Entrepreneur, I shed my corporate ego on a life-defining self-development journey leading me to the Modern Elder Academy in Mexico, where Chip Conley and I co-facilitated the first 'Intergenerational Wisdom Sharing' Workshop.

I have lived and grown through intergenerational collaboration.

For the past eight years, I've been immersed in researching and developing strategies to empower individuals and communities to RE-CONNECT with the richness of Modern Elder wisdom. My mission is to help guide humans towards embracing the transformative power of intergenerational connection and collaboration. 

I live and breathe this in my day job as Co-Founder of RE-CONNECT - co-creating programs, partnerships and products that elevate our relationships, connection and social well-being.

Why Nim?

Lived life experiences and life stories fascinate me fully, bringing my signature curiosity alive.

I’m a thirty-something-year-old who is always found listening deeply to the stories of sixty-something-year-olds. I’m a lifelong explorer of the human condition. I believe eye contact is the forgotten passport to human connection. I feel alive witnessing humans peel back the layers of their lives and look into their mirrors. I am called to map the human experience, one story at a time. I’m often found collecting wisdom in the wild, and know for certain that it is our vulnerability that leads to our connectivity. 

This is not a lone-wolf mission for me. It has been baking with courage in the slow cooker, alongside hundreds of Modern Elders that have had a profound impact on my life. 

Everyone’s path is unique, but we can all benefit from the walkers ahead.

Your wisdom is welcome


Fast, fun, free & 100% anonymous. 

The best gift we can give other humans are the lessons we have learnt in our lives through our stories and lived life experiences 

To the walkers ahead, to the stories waiting to be told, and to the wisdom we're about to uncover.


Together, we’re building the world’s largest living library of Modern Elder Wisdom. 


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We acknowledge the traditional owners of the land, the Arakwal people of the Bundjalung country. We pay respect to Aboriginal elders past, present and emerging. We acknowledge the Ancestors and Elders who were and continue to be the storytellers of this land and its people. Your care for this country and commitment to sharing stories across the generations for over 60,000 years deeply influences and inspires us all.

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HI: ‘Human Intelligence’. Life experiences and insights from Modern Elders who lived it - sharing stories for the common good. 100% anonymous & honest. Share your wisdom today.


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